Space Seek - Space Data

Space Seek is an iOS and Android app, built with React Native. You can view information about upcoming and previous rocket launches worldwide, thanks to The Space Devs API.

This app is a follow up of my "Space Viewer", due to a breaking API change. The source code for Space Seek can be found here, the code for Space Viewer can be found  here.

Rocket Launches

The app's main screen consists of a list of upcoming and already happened rocket launches. On tablets, the list has two columns to take advantage of the space.

On the top right, you can press a button to open a search input field. Pressing one of the items in the list leads the user to a details page.

Rocket Details

When opening the details screen for a specific rocket, the app fetches all data to be displayed. On the top, a counter or past launch date is displayed.

All other content related to the mission, rocket details and further links are displayed below. Additionally, you may jump to the rocket pad launch location (map screen) directly. Links to video streams are also displayed.


The settings page allows the user to open certain links. They can also toggle between the dark and light mode. By default, the app takes the user's preferred color mode, or defaults to the dark theme.